Ms Omolara Svensson

Group Managing Director

MS. OMOLARA SVENSSON is a remarkable woman with over 20 years of experience in farming, commodities processing, and exports in addition to a diversified career in media and business administration. She presently serves as Managing Director of O.O.K Group, which includes O.O.K Farms as a subsidiary. The organization, which focuses on production, processing, sales, and exports to other areas of the world, is one of Nigeria’s top agricultural produce producers. Also, the corporation operates the O.O.K. Agribusiness School, which offers training on all facets of the agricultural value chain in an effort to steer Nigerians toward prosperity in agriculture and agribusiness. She is adamant about boosting the nation’s agricultural industry as well as supporting young people and women who have chosen careers in agriculture.


Bryan O . Adefuwa is popularly known as 13th Disciple. He is a broadcast journalist (practically 12years of engagements in the media sphere), Event Consultant, Business and Media Strategist. He is a practicing Christian, honest and a realist. His hobbies includes football, swimming, shooting pool (snooker), listening to music and watching movies (Hollywood)


IT/TRANSMISSION ENGINEER                                                                                                  Odine Joshua is an highly experienced and versatile media personality with over 10 years of expertise in the industry. He is a graduate of the prestigious University of Ibadan, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, he brings a unique understanding of human behavior and communication to work. Throughout his career, he had excelled in various media roles, including hosting, presenting and interviewing. 

Babatola Olumide is an experienced and skilled photographer and videographer with over 4years of professional expertise in the media industry. He Graduated from the Federal University of Technology Akure with a bachelor’s degree in Fisheries and Aquaculture Technology, He bring a unique perspective to work. From weddings and events to portraits and landscapes. He specialized in creating compelling visuals. 


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