OOK Farms CEO Congratulates Gov. Seyi Makinde

The Group Managing Director of OOK Farms Group, Ms Omolara Svensson, has congratulated Oyo State Governor Seyi Makinde on his swearing-in as Governor of the State for a second term. Ms Omolara said Governor Makinde’s re-election is a testament to his exceptional performance during his first term, particularly in the agricultural sector.

“His commitment to the growth and prosperity of the agricultural industry has yielded remarkable results, positively impacting the lives of farmers and stakeholders across the state. We commend his efforts in promoting sustainable agricultural practices, fostering innovation, and enhancing the productivity of the sector.”

“As we embark on this new administration, we eagerly look forward to Governor Makinde’s continued focus on the agricultural sector. We urge the government to maintain strong collaboration with major and minor stakeholders in the industry, fostering an environment of cooperation and shared goals. By working hand in hand with the agricultural community, we believe that Oyo State can achieve even greater milestones and further economic growth, she added.

She hereby called for more support for the Oyo State Agribusiness Development Agency (OYSADA) for empowerment that’ll be instrumental in attracting investors.

“We applaud the government’s continued support for OYSADA. Empowering OYSADA has been instrumental in attracting investments, fostering growth within the agricultural sector, and driving economic development in the state. We encourage the government to sustain its efforts in empowering OYSADA, recognizing its vital role in propelling Oyo State towards greater heights. On behalf of the entire OOK Farms team and the OOK Group Limited, we wish the Mr. Governor well”, She concluded.

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